Since 1990 in the real estate industry, we have served large clientele base ranging from small to large scale property investors in the commercial and residential fields.

Our mission is to maximize income for our clients by collecting and paying landlords due on time, value addition through repairs and property improvement in consultation with the client.
For clients purchasing properties through us ,we expedite the conveyance process, offer free consultation on the feasible developing areas, type of housing to put up thus reap maximum returns on investment. .

Our real estate varieties

Our duties as real estate agents

Letting/ Re-letting:
We let and also Re-let any vacant space.

We conduct periodic inspections to ensure that landlord’s properties and lands are habitable and good condition.

Rent collection and payment We collect rent on behalf of landlords on monthly basis. Rent is payable on or before 5th of every month. We keep computerized records on every transaction in their accounts; write statements and pay their dues on agreed terms time.Incase there are tenant defaulting arrears, we inform our clients and any action we are taking to settle the debts.

Maintenance We regularly monitor the conditions of properties, payment of electricity and water bills.

Negotiate on behalf of landlords for cleaning contracts from reputable cleaning companies or care takers for cleaning of all public and common areas.

Leases review and rent reviews
We enter into leases with occupants and large residential premises. We liaise with landlords on expiry and renewal of Leases, their terms and conditions and rent reviews and their implementation.

Statements of accounts
Every month we create statements of accounts for each landlord from supporting receipts and vouchers.Statements shows:- i. Amount of rent collected ii. Expenses incurred iii. Amount due to them

Security is vital for all tenants. We liaise with landlords with regards to security details required for their premises then search and negotiate with reputable security companies to provide the services.

We advice our landlords to take appropriate cover for their properties to caution them against risk and losses. Some advise us to pay premiums on their behalf and deduct from their rent collection.


NCA is a registered and appointed agent of among other companies: UAP and AMACO insurance companies.

We also offer consultancy services on different insurance covers available in the market.Some of our clients instruct us to pay premium from their rent collection thus easing their burden even further.

Insurance Cover offered

Property insurance cover

Vehicle insurance cover

Medical insurance cover

Personal accident cover